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so, I think I took too long to make Mercy. There really isn't too much of a point to make it. I may or may not keep writing it but right now its kinda meh.

Chapter 2

    Jeff continued swinging the little girl in the dim streetlight and thought, “When is Ben going to be here? Soon I hope. The kid looks tired…”
    His grin reflected off the not-yet rusted portions of the swing set as he gazed at the stars. His breath came out in small clouds in the crisp night air. Everything seemed so quiet and peaceful. It was almost unnaturally quiet. All of a sudden Jeff felt a shiver down his spine and he was on guard. He grabbed Mercy and held her bride style in his arms.

“What’s going on?!” Mercy asked, startled by the sudden movement.
“Shh!” Jeff put a finger to her tiny lips and held her closer. She buried her little face in Jeff’s arm as he stood firm, glancing around them. He unsheathed his knife, holding it out towards the shadows, circling slowly. He stood there quietly for at least thirty seconds with Mercy shivering in his arms. Finally he called out, “Who’s there?! Show yourself, now!” Then the prickling cold sensation and unnatural stillness ceased, and a warm rush flowed across his body, a feeling even more familiar then the cold. Jeff’s eyebrows went up in surprise. He knew exactly who it was watching them. 
“Jeff?” a voice echoed in Jeff’s head.
Shit. It was Slenderman.


    Ben traveled through the telephone wires trying to find Jeff after having killed the tattletaling little whore. He popped out of an electrical box at the bottom of a pole; the box on the next pole over and the ones after that were broken, or at least there wasn’t any power running through them. Ben would have to leave the grid and go the rest of the way through the woods on foot without arousing suspicion.
Which wouldn’t be too much of a problem being as the street was essentially abandoned. There was literally only one small house – more of a shack, really – that looked broken down; random boards were nailed over gaps and in some places made up large sections of the walls. The boards were obviously scrap, differing in size and shape, and the windows were mostly broken in and in some places were fixed with duct tape. In short, the house looked absolutely uninhabitable. Without a second glance Ben decided that it shouldn’t be a problem and casually wandered his way into the woods. 

    In the far distance he could hear the sound of police sirens getting farther and farther away. Ben sighed in relief. One less thing to worry about, Ben thought. That girl was going to be a problem; Ben just knew she would be.
After ten minutes of walking Ben walked by a large tree, and then another one. Seeing so many trees was beginning to get on his nerves, and he hadn’t even found the meeting place yet. He stopped running to catch his breath and leaned against… another tree.
    “This is fucking stupid. I swear, I’m going to rip Jeff’s eyes out of their sockets the next time I see his stupid fucking face. We were only supposed to be having fun, not be engaging in this dramatic crapload of crap.” Ben rolled his eyes, slightly pissed that Jeff had run off into the night with a little girl who probably wouldn’t last a second by herself. Finally, Ben started walking, a scowl permanently etched in his face, waiting for about 30 seconds to cool down before breaking into a run again as he tried to find the meeting place. It was turning out to be one fan-fucking-tastic night.


    Jeff stood still as Slenderman walked towards the two of them. Mercy borrowed her face into his shirt as the omnipresent sound of static began to get painfully loud.
“What’s going on Jeff?” Slenderman put a hand on his hip, his voice reverberating inside Jeff’s head. He seemed confused by the squirming human Jeff was holding in his arms, but not angry – at least not yet. Jeff put Mercy down at his side and held her hand; she flinched and hid behind his leg, clutching his pants in fear of the 10 foot tall, faceless man looming before them. 
    Jeff opened his mouth and stuttered for a moment, trying to answer. He had no idea how he was going to explain the situation, and his heart began to pound hard in his chest, seeming loud enough for everyone within a mile to hear.
“WEEELLLLLL, uh, I found this kid,” Jeff gestured at the bundle of clothing stuck to his leg. “She broke a light bulb. With her mind, Uh, well that’s just because her dad was attacking her – BUT don’t worry, I stabbed him in the throat. And then she didn’t have a father, so… that’s how this happened.” Jeff widened his grin and awkwardly tried to bat his eyes at his partner. Slender responded by putting his other hand on his hip and making an odd motion with his head as if he was rolling his eyes.
    Just as Slender prepared to ask Jeff another question, Ben burst through the bushes screaming, “YOU! YOU FUCKING LEFT ME. You piece of smiling SHIT! I’m going to gut you so fucking badly that it’ll take giving Satan a fiery blowjob to fucking revive you! Screw you and your stupid kid!” Jeff just stared for a moment, took a breath, turned to Slender, paused, and then turned back to Ben. Jeff looked at Slender again and pouted.
“B-but she’s special,” he said to Slender. Slenderman gave him a look and Jeff shrank down a little. A second later he looked back with a fire in his eyes and shouted “YOU CAN’T TAKE HER AWAY FROM ME SHES MINE AND I LOVE HER.”
    At this Slenderman seemed to do a double take. A moment later Mercy’s eyes filled with tears and that’s when the wailing started; Ben took a step backwards at the sudden piercing sound. As Mercy’s bawling grew louder Jeff felt his head begin to spin and his vision blurred; the edges of the dim streetlight began morphing into… figures?     They were all walking towards him; he had the urge to fight but he couldn’t move. The metal of the swing set began creaking quietly and then suddenly all the bolts and chains blew apart without warning. Jeff flinched and turned around to face Mercy, unsure of what to do. He felt the urge to punch her to shut her up but instead decided to kneel down and hold her in her arms. Soon, Mercy’s crying subsided into quiet sobs and the dark figures approaching them from all sides vanished into the night. Shakily, Jeff stood up, rearranging his sweatshirt and ignoring the huge wet spot covering his shoulder.
    “See.. she's like us, she had no place in the human world, she wasn’t safe there. She really is one of us,” Jeff said. Ben was staring, Slender was doing… Whatever Slender does. Looming. Mercy was still sniffling when Jeff scooped her up in his arms.
“Let’s go home. I’m sure she’s tired and just wants to go somewhere warm and safe. I will deal with whomever I have to but she is STAYING. Period. Is that clear?” The other two nodded, silent. The four of them began quietly walking the long way back to the house. 


    Mercy had passed out on the couch in the sitting room. Jeff argued his case to Jane, though she didn’t need much convincing seeing as having Mercy would mean there would be another girl in the house. Luckily the other monsters didn’t put up much of a fuss, but all of them tread cautiously around her sleeping form on the couch. 
    Jeff gently picked her up and carried her down the hall to the room adjacent to his and Slender’s. He set her down in the middle of the big queen sized bed and tucked her under the purple blankets. He felt his heart flutter as he closed the door. Yes, he was doing this; Jeff turned his back against the door and stared at the wall across from the room. He was going to raise a child, regardless of whether Slenderman agreed with his choice or not; because from the moment he had seen this little girl, he had thought, “Yes. That will be my child. It will.”
    Jeff practically frolicked to bed and floated under his covers, happily awaiting Slender’s return to the bedroom; the door creaked open again as the thought of Slender danced through his mind. Jeff pretended to be asleep as Slenderman entered the room.
    “I know you’re awake, Jeff. You do know we need to talk about this, right?” he said folding back the covers and sliding underneath them. Jeff stayed quiet, not really wanting to talk about it. Slender waited for a minute, and then wrapped his tentacle around Jeff's torso and pulled him closer, turning him to face him. "Jeff," he said, holding him tighter. Jeff looked at him.
    "Slendy… She's my daughter. I can just feel it in my heart. I know it sounds fucking stupid, but I can't just leave her. I don't care if you don't accept her. I will raise her. I'm sorry," Slender listened and merely nodded before releasing Jeff and turning over to sleep.

Mercy, chap. 2 (Changing Paces sequel)
Here we are! sorry it took so long! love you guys
I'm back baby. Next deadline is Tuesday morning, on Alaska time so I have no idea what time it is for you but that's when I'm doing it. Sorry for the extremely long wait.
No, i haven't been working either. Sorry. Love ya. (I have no ability to be responsible, and its getting really hard to continue the story but i finally got my own laptop so shit could change.)
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